25 lessons I learned in 25 years of life

Hola Amigos!

How's it going? All well? Long time no see? Indeed masters degree is too tiresome! But, here I am back with something new, so, let's go on...

There are few days which tend to make you happy, by getting so much love and attention from everyone around you- BIRTHDAYS!

The two days around my birthday were the most special for me, mostly because they compensated for the so called boring birthdays I had for the past two years due to lockdown.

Also, I've completed a quarter of life! While I was taking a walk down the memory lane, I realized that all these years have been difficult but wholesome-with ups, downs and so many lessons!

So, I grabbed a notebook and a pen to scribble down all the learnings of this quarter of life. I wish to share 25 of these with you.

  1. Learn to say no by setting healthy boundaries.

  2. Your dreams are as important as your family, but, family should be priority.

  3. Always retaliate when things go out of hand or are immoral/unethical.

  4. Always listen to your parents.

  5. It's okay to ask for help of any kind.

  6. Dont seek validation.

  7. Be outspoken but not rude/arrogant.

  8. Smile more.

  9. Everyone has a hidden strength -recognize it!

  10. Honesty is the best policy but doesn't work everytime and everywhere.

  11. Just leave toxic people/workplace

  12. Education is important. There is a thin line between being educated and literate. Know it.

  13. Empathy>>>sympathy

  14. Mental health should be your priority. Exercise for physical health; meditate for mental health.

  15. Read and write or invest time in a hobby instead of binge watching youtube/netflix etc.

  16. Disability is not something alien. Rather, it is a part of human diversity.

  17. Don't fall for sugar coated people/compliments.

  18. Kindness is to appreciate someone deserving to be appreciated.

  19. Procrastination is a normal human tendency. Don't stress. But know when to stop.

  20. Social media is highly addictive. Scroll when free, but know when to stop.

  21. This too shall pass- good or bad.

  22. Money is poison if it comes in between friends/relatives. Decide carefully.

  23. Friendship is a blessing but make friends cautiously. Take out time to message/call old friends as well.

  24. Marriage is important but dont marry under societal/familial pressure. Marry when you find your perfect partner and are ready for the responsibility. Till then, work on yourself!

  25. Financial, emotional, spiritual independence is a must for today's women. Be confident. Groom yourself well. That makes you look confident even if you are not.

Hoping these lessons help you as well. If you have any other thing to share, let's discuss in the comment section.



Ps. Sharing some pictures with you all...

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