Why Best friends are important

Hola Amigos,

I've always loved writing but would procrastinate (guilty as charged). It has always been my best friend who would always push me and would even scold me for it. It was her who, actually motivated me to start my blogging website. Infact, for the unversed, the name of my website was coined my her and I'm thankful!

On this note, today I want to talk about the perks of having a best friend in our lives and would love to read comments about your's as well.

For the longest time I've heard people say that you can't choose your family but you can choose your friends and you should do it wisely. Almost everyone of you would agree to this saying, however, I beg to differ.

As a person who used to be an introvert, even initiating conversation took a lot of courage. Hence for people like us, making friends is more of a destiny than choice.

Since school, I have had only a handful of friends and they were never "chosen" by me consciously. Rather, I feel it was destiny's choice to connect with them. Out of this small group, there was this one special person with whom I could connect the most- emotionally and spiritually, and with time she became my best friend or 'bestie' as some millennials say!

We met in 2013, we both figured out that we are similar to each other- hiding a lot of pain behind the greatest smiles. As we got to know each other by sharing our life stories, our level of comfort and trust increased over time. As I said earlier, I never consciously 'chose' her to be my friend, it was fateful that we met and clicked instantly. We are glued to each other even to this day!

Since 2015, we are in different cities but our bond remains the same by God's grace. Although, I agree that we need to make strong efforts to maintain any relationship in our lives, but my point is, how can we then say that this relationship was 'chosen'? I would rather prefer to say that our attempts to stay together in conjunction with our destiny is responsible for any relationship.

My best friend is the one who brings but the best in me.- Henry Ford

A best friend stands up for you in every situation without any question or delay. I feel, a friend is not the real one if he agrees to and appreciates you for all your shitty ideas. He is real if he criticises and shows you the right path and your true inner self. They are your best critics who will motivate, encourage you but will never agree to immoral practices. He will help you in choosing the right path and will keep you safe from the wrong one. He will not only love you for your qualities but will also accept and acknowledge all your flaws gracefully.

Best friends are extended family. Needless to say, we are famous in each other's family and they often joke around with us! Sometimes, you might be misunderstood or misjudged in your own family but its then, when your best friend comes to the rescue to fill in for what is not provided by even your family!

Best friends help in trying times. They wipe your tears and pick up when you fall. Whom do you miss the most after a badly hurting heartbreak? My answer is- Best friend! They help by listening to your sob stories and encouraging you to bounce back after failure.

They are healthy for your mental and emotional health since you have a pair of ears who would listen to your rants. It is said that social interaction is important for good mental health and best friends in this are most crucial.

Its not that we never fight. Conflicts are a part of every relationship. However, in the end its love and friendship which should prevail between you.

In conclusion, with growing age, I realized that its always quality over quantity. You should be able to count the most genuine, trustworthy and real friends on one hand, even if you don't have a 'best friend'.

This life is about the people you share it with hence make the most out of it. Also, be the kind of friend you would want in return. No relationship can work single handedly. Hence, you as a friend should also be accepting, trustworthy, genuine and real.

In case you don't have one, do not worry, I am just a message away!



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